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Headshot Strategist®

You know how actors are always saying they need headshots that “pop” and are effective? But most of the time their headshots are just a nice picture and don’t have the impact they want. 


Well, that is what I do, I make sure actors understand how to get an effective headshot that pops so that they can get noticed, get in the door and start getting auditions. 


Let’s be honest, most people know the answers to the questions, they just don’t know the questions!  That’s where a Headshot Strategist® comes in, I will ask you the real questions and together we will get a plan for strategic, marketable headshots that portray the emotions, looks,  and characters that you need to market yourself effectively.


I offer a 1-hour One-on-One Headshot Strategist Session via Zoom, a 1 1/2 hour group webinar, and a 4-hour Group Workshop.  The workshop includes a group Headshot Strategy Session and Actor Business and Strategy Classes taught by working actors, and industry leaders.


Call today to find out more information and how to schedule!

OR click on the button below and schedule your 1 hour- Zoom session today!

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