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Welcome to my Office

This is my office and where I hold most of my get-to-know-you meetings. It is full of some of my favorite things.

Bet you can't guess my favorite colors (wink)

On the shelf is a blue glass jar, my grandfather collected unique colored glass, I love beautiful, unique glass, it reminds me of my grandpa.  That camera, it's a Pentax K100 the first 35mm camera I owned, and I bought it with my babysitting and grass mowing money. (I was 11)

Click on that cute picture... yep that's me at age 8 with my first camera, it was an Xmas gift. 

Oh, and don't forget about the rocks. When my son was small he used to bring me rocks, I would tell him how much I loved rocks, and to this day, he still brings me a cool-looking rock from time to time (he's in his 30's now)

So as you can see, this platform is truly my happy place. 

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“Remember, in addition to ambition, drive, and tenacity; to truly be successful we also need patience, empathy, compassion, 
and kindness.”
~Peggy McCartha 

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