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Why go to a Certified Headshot Strategist®?

Just about anyone can take a good picture every now and then. A Certified Headshot Strategist® is going to give you great pictures that are taken with skill and intention every time. You will get amazing, impactful images that radiate the emotions and vibes of you and your business. This will allow you to make a powerful, lasting first impression that captures the attention of your ideal people. Because you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, you will go into your session with confidence,

Remember, in the digital-driven world we live in, your headshot, or profile picture should be one of the biggest parts of your marketing strategy.  Using the powerful psychology of camera angles, lighting, posing, and colors your Headshot Strategist® will help you take your marketing game to the next level.

A Headshot Strategist® is trained to help you identify your marketing needs and strategically create images that will help you make the impression you want to lead with.


A Certified Headshot Strategist®  is trained to use their personal style combined with the powerful psychology of camera angles, lighting, posing, and colors to achieve great results every time. They are able to do this by taking you through detailed processes to make sure they understand your needs and can deliver you images that make an impact.



A Certified Headshot Strategist® will take you through a deep dive to identify what you need in order to be able to use your headshots and profile pictures as one of the biggest parts of your marketing strategy. Their mission is to help you succeed, they do this by getting you great images,  and also helping you know how to use them in an effective way. 

Technical Skills

A Certified Headshot Strategist® is more than just a picture taker. They are trained to be technically proficient in lighting, posing, and even fashion. They combine these elements with their art to create images that make powerful lasting impressions with a unique style.


When you hire a Certified Headshot Strategist®, you know you’ve hired a businessperson dedicated to customer service and efficiency. They thrive on providing great service and satisfaction and continuously aim to exceed your highest expectations.  They have structured systems in place to make the process stress-free and streamlined for you.

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