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Calling all photographers who are on their last straw trying to run a successful business

What if there was an easier way to stop the feast and famine cycle,
raise your prices confidently, and create a sustainable photography business?

Becoming a Certified Headshot Strategist® will give you all that and more in as little as 7    weeks

Your photography business isn't what you expected it to be...

You wish you had more clients. So you can do more of what you love.

You have good months and bad months. You can't seem to get off the rollercoaster of feast and famine and it's draining everything out of you.

You'd love to increase your prices. But can you justify charging more?


You want to scale your business so that running it feels like a leisurely walk through the park not like being yanked along by an out-of-control Great Dane.

It's not a lack of passion that prevents you from living the life you want, it's something else...

  • You've tapped Google so many times to find new tricks and strategies that you've ended    up with a messy medley of podcasts, webinars, newsletters, cheatsheets, and ebooks - a jumble  of info that had you feeling more lost than a ball in the high weeds


  • You've taken photography courses after business courses, after mindset courses - courses, courses, courses - but none of them have given you the key to success you thought they would

  • You've tried to differentiate yourself from all the other photographers in your area - a strategy that should work, right?

  • You've hit your invisible revenue ceiling and you can't break past it - like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory after he drinks the fizzy soda

So what can you do to jump into the rocket elevator and smash through the glass ceiling holding you back from success?


Is it...

More photography experience?

More technical skills?

Even more photography courses?


Please, no more courses - those course clouds definitely do not have a silver lining.

Instead, the something else you need is...

You need to become a Headshot Strategist®

The differentiator we were just talking about - this is it!

No more floppy introductions - "Hey, I'm Joe, I'm a photographer" with your prospects smiling at you thinking 'oh, great, not another photographer'.

How about a solid introduction that leads directly into a deeper conversation (and more and more sales)? - "Hey, I'm Joe, a Headshot Strategist" - much better!

Becoming a Headshot Strategist® allows you to...

  • Attract more high-quality clients

  • Increase your prices - because now you're worth it

  • Scale your business with more revenue stream


It allows you to sculpt your business into the dream money-maker you always wanted so you can finally find that balance in your work life, personal life, and leisure time.

Say goodbye to the crazy ups and downs of being a professional photographer...

Stop for a second...

Imagine your life as a Certified Headshot Strategist®

  • You're the photographer that everyone wants to work with because you bring more than just great photos - you understand your client's needs and how to capture the right emotions in their images.

  • Your money issues have disappeared because everyone wants to work with you. Now, your bank balance brings an enormous smile to your face when you look at it. 

  • You're a photographer with a marketer's mind so you know what you need to do to drive your business forward - always up (never down)

  • You shoot images that bring the results your clients have been craving for years so they come back to you and they talk to their friends about you - suddenly you're on everyone's mind

  • You're no longer Googling your way through life and winging it with your clients. Because you're a master of your trade and you believe in yourself

When you sign-up to become a certified Headshot Strategist® you'll get all the marketing skills, technical knowledge, and life tools you need so you can get the success you always wished for in a matter of months. 


"But I am not a headshot photographer, I mainly do portraits, events, babies, and so on..."    

Becoming a Certified Headshot Strategist® is an essential certification to have no matter what photography you specialize in.  Everything you learn can be applied to any photography business, yes even yours!  Having a certification and the knowledge that it brings gives you credibility as a professional, thus making you stand out.   

Let me introduce you to the...

CertLOGO Blue.png

This program will give you the information and knowledge you need to become a certified Headshot Strategist®

When you've completed the program you can apply your new embodied wisdom to your unique situation and grow the business and life you want.

The Headshot Strategist® 
Certification Program will give you...


  • Marketing knowledge every photographer should have so that you know how to market your photography business effectively and without wasting time or money

  • A clear understanding of your business goals and how to reach them while maintaining a healthy balance between work, family, and leisure time

  • Super stream-lined processes and business structures to follow so that your business can strive in any economy anywhere in the world

  • The technical skills to level up your photography abilities and hone in on your personal style - so you can give your clients a unique approach every time

  • Awareness of how to use camera angles to impact the feeling of an image so that it represents your client's goals and needs

  • Understanding of how lighting and posing impacts the emotions an image portrays - dive deep into the emotional psychology of photography

  • The confidence to effectively communicate with your clients and understand their needs before you even touch your camera - an important step for better results

  • A strategic mindset so you know how to help your clients get a solid strategy in place AKA making their images one of the biggest parts of their marketing strategy

  • The differentiator you've been searching for so you can truly set yourself apart from other photographers in your area

  • The knowledge you need to build a tribe of raving fans and collect brilliant customer reviews to help your business grow organically

  • Access to resources you can use in all areas of your business and personal life so you can become a better entrepreneur, photographer, partner, and friend

The first-ever Headshot Strategist® Certification
Program for photographers to level up their lives and start charging what they're worth

Let's take a quick dive into how you'll become a Certified Headshot Strategist®

The program is broken down into 6 levels with a total of 26 courses.  Each contains a video teaching session with questions and assignments that require you to do the work on both your business and behind the camera.

You can complete the levels at your pace - if you do 1 level a week you'll become a certified Headshot Strategist® in as little as 7 weeks!  1 course per week (a level every month) will have you certified in 7 months- either way, you're a winner!   

IMPORTANT: You'll want to complete the entire program - that's the foundation course, all 6 levels, and the final lab - within an 8-month period because that's the only way to get certified and the best way to fast-track your business success.

Level 1 - TRUST

Program Badge 1.png

In the first level, we will focus on building trust in your life and business. You'll learn...

  • How to maximize your business through leadership so you can become the leader your business needs

  • How to build your brand by knowing your vision and how to reach your goals

  • How to boost your influence by networking effectively  

  • How to strengthen your photography skills from basics and beyond fine-tuning your technical photography skills

Level 2 - WORK WISE

Program Badge 2.png

In the second level, we will focus on working wise in your life and business. You'll learn...

  • How to maximize your business by incorporating processes in all areas of your business

  • How to build your brand with brand material using a strategic, consistent, and effective plan

  • How to boost your influence with a powerful pitch that grabs attention and sales  

  • How to strengthen your photography with the tools to communicate effectively with your clients

Level 3 -

Program Badge 3.png

In the third level, we will focus on strengthening communication in your life and business. You'll learn...

  • How to maximize your business through sales by becoming comfortable and good at selling yourself

  • How to build your brand by understanding your client's experience and making sure it is what it should be

  • How to boost your influence with raving fans, amazing reviews, and quality recommendations  

  • How to strengthen your photography by understanding the powerful psychology of lighting, posing, and camera angles


Program Badge 4.png

In the fourth level, we will focus on connecting creatively in your life and business. You'll learn...

  • How to maximize your business through your dream team

  • How to build your brand through your policies

  • How to boost your influence with solid mutually beneficial power partners  

  • How to strengthen your photography skills with tricks of the trade


Program Badge 5.png

In the fifth level, we will focus on building heart-centered practices in your life and business. You'll learn...

  • How to maximize your business through your photo session

  • How to build your brand with your brand story

  • How to boost your influence with people around you

  • How to strengthen your photography skills by understanding your client's needs


Program Badge 6.png

In the sixth level, we will focus on increasing awareness in your life and business. You'll learn...

  • How to maximize your business with a business blueprint and money map

  • How to build your brand with a solid marketing strategy

  • How to boost your influence with the big picture  

  • How to strengthen your photography skills by putting everything you learned together 

Course #26

CERTIFIED Headshot Strategist white.png

In the final course, we will wrap everything up in-person (via zoom) to make sure you are fully equipped to run a successful photography business, with all the tools you need. So you can live a life designed by you, for you. 

You will have learned:

  • How to run a profitable business

  • How to brand and market your business  

  • How to network and gain influence

  • Understand how to communicate effectively with your clients and get them the images they need and want, thus setting you apart from other photographers in your area

  • You will have fine-tuned your photography skills and taken your unique style to the next level

We can't forget the incredible bonuses you get when you sign up for the Headshot Strategist® Certification

12-month access to all the course videos, workbooks, and resources. 

1-on-1 coaching sessions and open office hours to keep you on track and accountable for taking action in your business so you find success faster.

Private Networking Group to gain insights, help, and encouragement from other photographers- share your tips and your struggles

Added to the ever-growing searchable database when potential clients in your area looking for a Certified Headshot Strategist® can find you

Exclusive lessons from industry experts in areas like business, marketing, branding, sales, and networking. Check out just a few of them...

Learn to sell with Brian K. McNeill - Sales Confidence Coach

Brian reveals his most effective selling
techniques and tactics to help you increase
your sales revenue


Make a business blueprint with Daniel
McCraine - Business Coach, Consultant Mentor

Discover the easy way to create a strategic
plan for your business with Daniel. He’ll
demonstrate how to use your business goals
and needs to create the perfect blueprint


Take control of your networking with Colleen Strube - Follow-Up Fortune Finder and
founder of Fall in Love with Follow-Up

Colleen is the queen of networking. In her
course, she shows you the best ways to make
the most out-of-business networking to
maximize your return

Automate your business and increase
with Ely Delaney – Marketing
System Specialist

Ely uncovers easy automations to bring to
your business so you spend less time on
boring admin tasks and more time behind
your camera


Pitch yourself to sell with Christopher
Hampton - Founder of and
winner of the Presidential Lifetime
Achievement Award

Chris will show you how to create the perfect
pitch for yourself, your business, and your


Systemize your life with Monica M. Henderson - Founder of MinkLife Motivation LLC and Genius Activator


Monica "has a system for that" and she will walk you though getting your life and business automated and running smoothly.

bob_taylor_2  (1).png

Get your brand materials sorted to help you sell with Bob Taylor - Creative Conversion Copywriter and Persuasive Word Strategist

Bob will show you how to position your brand materials in the best way to sell your offers like hotcakes. And you’ll come away with a clear marketing roadmap for your materials

These individual course modules provided by industry experts are worth thousands of dollars alone!

         But to top it off, they're each giving you free                   sessions with them to answer any questions you          have and point you in the right direction for success



"Okay, but what's it gonna cost to get started?"

Access to all 26 training courses (if each one cost the average of $300+, the going rate for courses like this) would set you back $7,800

And that is ignoring all the one-on-one access you get to me and the priceless sessions you get with all the expert contributors.

So it wouldn't be out of the question for this certification program to cost upwards of $7,000 + 

But, I'm not going to ask you to part with that sort of money...

Today, and for a limited time only, you can get instant access to the entire certification program for just $3,800...


Level Access

  • 4 in-depth video training courses per level

  • 1 Level of maximizing your business, building your brand and marketing, growing your influence, and sharpening your  photography skills

  • Expert training sessions from industry specialists throughout

  • 1 one-on-one coaching session


Full Program Access

  • 26 in-depth video training courses 

  • 6 Levels of Maximizing your Business

  • 6 Levels of Building your Brand and Marketing

  • 6 Levels of Growing your Influence

  • 6 Levels of Sharpening your Photography Skills

  • Expert training sessions from industry specialists throughout

  • 12-month access to the program and all resources and tools

  • One-on-one coaching sessions for accountability and check-ins as needed

  • Upon completion, you will be added to a searchable database

  • Upon completion, you will be a Certified Headshot Strategist® 

  • Upon completion, receive your Certificate, Logos, and Copy for marketing...


I think it's time you met your program coach and OG Headshot Strategist®... Peggy McCartha

I'm known as the most industry-savvy Headshot photographer in LA.

I've been a professional photographer for over 34 years.


I have spent the past 8+ years interviewing top industry professionals including top casting directors, agents, managers, working actors, acting coaches, and more to dig deep and understand what makes an effective Headshot that stands out and gets noticed.


I quickly realized that what I found could help more than just actors, it is a game changer for headshots, portraits, branding, lifestyle, and just about any type    of photography. 

I personally get frustrated by those "step by step" or "how I did it - paint by number" courses.


Your struggles are different from mine, and your dreams are different from mine.


This program will give you the information and knowledge you need so that you have the embodied wisdom to create a thriving photography business that is designed by you for you.

It lays the foundations for your success and looks at all the areas of your life. Plus it shows you the marketing and business side of your photography business - not just the technical and style side.

It gives you clear and actionable processes you can start integrating into your business immediately.

And the cherry on top of it all - A Headshot Strategist® Certification sets you apart from other photographers in your area. 

The first-ever  Headshot Strategist® Program for photographers to level up their lives and start charging they're worth...

The only certification program that gives you the information and knowledge you need to become a certified Headshot Strategist® and up your photography game.

When you've completed the program you can apply your new embodied wisdom to your unique situations and grow the business and life you have always dreamed of.

Join today and claim your $1,000 discount...

Have more questions...

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