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Be a part of the fastest-growing Community of Professional Photographers

  • TimeBenders™ PREMIUM

    Every month
    Perfect for Photographer that are ready to go to the next level and live their dream life!
     14 day free trial
    • Everything in the TimeBenders™ Business Builder
    • Full Access to all resources & coaching
    • Full Headshot Strategist® Certification Program
    • Comprehensive Headshot Strategist® Training:
    • *Maximize your Business (All 6 Levels)
    • *Build your Brand (All 6 Levels)
    • *Increase your Network (All 6 Levels)
    • *Sharpen your Photo Skills (All 6 Levels)
    • Certification as a Headshot Strategist upon completion
    • Access to Logos & Marketing Materials upon completion
    • Inclusion in a searchable Data Base upon completion
  • TimeBenders™ Creative Business Builder

    Every month
    Perfect for Creative Businesses that want to grow their business. Group and 1:1 Coaching
     14 day free trial
    • Everything in the TimeBenders™ Lite On-Line Community
    • Additional Benefits:
    • Unlimited TimeWarp 1:1 Coaching Session
    • TimeBenders™ TimeOut Group Coaching
    • Level 1-3 of 6 Headshot Strategist® (*)
    • *Maximize your Business
    • * Build your Brand
    • *Increase your Network
    • Empowerment Ensemble Coaching
  • TimeBenders™ Lite Community

    Every month
    Perfect for community, networking, encouragement, challenges and fun.
     14 day free trial
    • Community for Photographers and Creatives
    • A safe space to ask questions and see real growth
    • Encouragement and Support
    • Valuable Feedback on your Work and Ideas
    • Access to Co-Working Spaces (virtual)
    • Set $h!t Done Sessions
    • Masters Quest Workshops and Library
    • Group Coaching Sessions
    • Access to Level 1 of 6 Headshot Strategist® (*)
    • *Maximize Your Business
    • * Build Your Brand
    • *Increase Your Network
  • Headshot Strategist® Cert. Program +

    Full Certification Program w/ Community Support and 1:1 for 1 year. 1 Payment huge discount
    Valid for 13 months
    • 1 year Full access to all TimeBenders™ Premium Support
    • Headshot Strategist® Certification Program
    • Full Support for 1 year

Our mission is to Encourage, Inspire, and Educate Professional Photographers by empowering them to run their dream photography businesses.

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“Remember, in addition to ambition, drive, and tenacity; to truly be successful we also need patience, empathy, compassion, 
and kindness.”
~Peggy McCartha 

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