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Welcome to the TimeBenders™ LOBBY

This is the first place you land when you come into the TimeBenders™ Space.  

  • There is a video that gives you a quick tutorial.

  • To the right, there is a directory with links to some of the most used rooms.  

  • Just left of the welcome video you will see a welcome prompt from Quinn. When you click “Get Started” it will offer to buzz me and let me know you are here, if I am not with a client or in a meeting, I will pop in.  Or you can leave a question or set up an appointment with me.

  • To find all of the rooms in this space Click “All Rooms” on the bottom navigation bar (this bar is also where you will be able to mute/unmute and turn on/off your camera.)

Most rooms have a QR code, scan each one to find out what each room is used for.  (click it to expand if it's too small to scan.)

During the Open House I have given you access to a few other things (like games we usually play during our Challenges) You can find these by clicking the Open House Map on the bottom left of this screen.

Feel free to explore, push buttons, and leave notes and comments in the chat.

If you are here during the Open House Hours I will be in the Co-Working Room come in!


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and kindness.”
~Peggy McCartha 

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